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Mississippi Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Mike Nobles

Mike was born in Hattiesburg, MS December 25th 1951, the eldest of two children. In his formative years he spent many happy hours in the woods and local streams with his father, Troy, who passed on to him a love for hunting and fishing.  He was taught early in life to respect, appreciate and conserve our wildlife and environment.

Mike was educated in the Hattiesburg public school system and graduated from Forrest County AHS in 1969. He continued his studies for two years at Jones County Junior College.  For the next fifteen years he pursued a career in engineering and land surveying. Mike continued his working life as a Construction Planner in the pulp paper industry. After 13 years in this endeavor opportunities afforded him a different career path.  Mike spent the next 12 years in the medical industry. He worked as an ophthalmology tech for eye physicians and surgeons and retired from Hattiesburg Clinic PA in 2014. 

Mike Joined Hattiesburg Lodge #599 in 2000. Within a couple of years he was serving as a chair officer and was elected Exalted Ruler for 2006-2007.

A staunch supporter of Ritual, Mike is a four year state contest winner and was awarded the Doc Hazlet Trophy with the overall high score three consecutive years. He competed with the Hattiesburg #599 Ritual Team at the national level four times.

He has served as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, Vice President South, and an Assistant Clerk of Elections at the 2013 National Convention. He was elected President of the MS State Elks Association 2013-2014. In 2016 Mike received the Charlie Duffie Award for outstanding service on the state level.

Mike has served on numerous state committees, chairman of the Board of Directors for the state major project, chairman of the State Convention Committee and serves on the State Board of Trustees. In 2018 he received two Grand Lodge appointments: Area 3 Committeeman on Public Relations and Membership, then Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for the State of Mississippi, respectively.

In 2002 Mike married his high school sweetheart, Pam Lieke Nobles. He is the proud father of two children Erin Nobles and Adrienne Hill, six grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.


Mike has dedicated his life to service to others and around the Elk’s Oath of Obligation.  He believes in and strives to live by the words “Do unto others, as we would, they should do unto us.”

Mike Nobles (Pam)

Special Deputy

34 Elms Court
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Phone: (601) 268-6180 

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