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Convention News: ENF

Mississippi should well be proud of its ENF achievements. Our state finished 3rd overall in the nation with $20.44 per capita and only $3 per capita behind the number one spot Minnesota at $23.38 per capita. Let's not let the top spot evade us this coming year.

Gulfport received the traveling ENF trophy for the top position in the state with an astounding $107.06 per capita. They also received the top spot for their district (both pictured below). Gulfport also has a 91.14% member support percentage and the honor of being ranked 12th in the nation. Other top 100 lodges in Mississippi were Pascagoula at 78th place with $37.73 per capita, and Biloxi in 93rd with $35.00 per capita.

Vicksburg got the honor of the top spot for the northern district at $15.77 per capita. And, Canton had the distinction of having a membership support rate of 95.77%.

All lodges in the state met G.E.R. Keith Mill's goal of $4.80 per capita for a grand total of $52,557.00 given to ENF.

Also, pictured below is Melissa Foster PER (and current ER for Ocean Springs) receiving a plaque for achieving the Bronze level of cumulative donations to ENF. The bronze level is $5000.00 or more given to ENF.


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