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Convention News: Hall of Fame Awards

This year was a banner year for the Elks Hall of Fame with five recipients being inducted. First up is Bonnie Gordon from the Greenwood Lodge. She is pictured below accepting her well-deserved award at the banquet.

Our next recipient was Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Mike Nobles accepting his richly-deserved Hall of Fame award for many years of dedication and meritorious service to Elkdom at all levels.

Next up was Charles Pratt PSP from the Greenville Lodge, pictured below accepting his well-earned award.

Following that we see Ricky Eplin PDDGER accepting the Hall of Fame award on behalf of Billy Stockman PSP who could not make it due to medical reasons. Arrangements will be made to present it at his house with his family present.

After that our most recent Past-President John Vanek PSP received his hard-earned induction into the Elks Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to them all and may they continue their journey in Elkdom being examples of what true and upright Elks represent, and may their achievements never end.


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