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Grand Exalted Ruler Message to Lodge Secretaries


SDGER’s, DDGER’s, State Presidents and Lodge Secretary’s;

As I write this letter this morning, we show we are 843 Members ahead of where we started in 2018. While this is extremely great news and should be a cause for celebration, but we are not out of the woods yet!!!

Each year we not only have the 60-day opportunity to bring back in reinstated Members to our rolls, we also have that same time period to make corrections to our rolls. The corrections can be Members that have passed, and no one knew about it till the end of the year or perhaps a new Secretary just came on board and found a mistake. Whatever the reason is, the Lodge Secretary can petition the Grand Secretary to make a correction and apparently, most of those corrections deal with the loss of Members, not gains.

Historically, those adjustments net about a 1000-member reduction and so you can see the urgency of this letter and the matter at hand. We need to have upwards of a 1100-Member increase on the books before May 31st in order to make history this year.

We are on the 23-yard line as there are 31 yards in this month, another week and we’re in the Red Zone! Let’s huddle up and punch this thing thru before we get to the 10-yard line because we all know how tough it is down there when there is only a short field left to play with. Even the States that are showing a small gain, NO!!, ESPECIALLY THOSE STATES SHOWING A SMALL GAIN TODAY, COULD LOOSE THAT YARDAGE ON THE LAST PLAY!

I ne

Grand Exalted Ruler Michael T. Luhr

ed your help and the BPOE needs your help!! Let’s pluck this chicken, milk this cow or whatever else you want to call it. LET’S WIN THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fraternally and Most Sincerely,

Michael T. Luhr,

Grand Exalted Ruler


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