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From the Desk of Judiciary Area 3

Greetings Elks. I hope all had a good time at grand Lodge in Atlanta. The Resolutions that were passed in Atlanta are effective as of August 5, 2002.The By Laws portion of CLMS may be down August and possibly September as the template is being changed for several of the resolutions.

Grand Lodge Statute 16.020 now has the Secretary and the Treasurer as members of the Board of Directors for incorporated Lodges. This change is not optional. Both officers are voting members of the Board and are require to attend the Board’s meetings. Additionally, if your Lodge utilizes the Board of Directors as the Managing Body of the Lodge club, bar, lounge or social quarters, the Secretary and Treasurer are also part of that Managing Body. This change to your By Laws will be contained in the By Laws template on CLMS. You do not need to amend your By Laws just for this purpose.

Grand Lodge Statute 14.260 removed the 65 or above age requirement for Life Membership. This also does not require an immediate By Law amendment.

I would also remind all Lodges that if you are changing your House Rules, you must include language from Grand Lodge Statute 17.052. This statute requires a House rule that your Lodge not overserve members or guests. This statement is mandatory and any House Rules not containing this statement will be rejected by myself.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at 336-689-2914 or email me at

David S. Doherty

Committee on Judiciary

Area 3 Representative


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