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National Convention Help Needed

You are invited to support the 2022 Elks Grand Lodge Convention in Atlanta, in July 2022. Over 250 volunteers are needed to make the convention a success.

Please click the Invitation Link below and take the following easy steps:

  • Enter your email address,

  • Create a password,

  • After finishing the Form Questions,

  • Select the Role(s) you would like to perform,

  • Select the Shift(s) you would like to work,

  • Click "Complete Signup", and if desired

  • Click "Email Myself This Schedule".

Invitation Link - Opportunity (Public Page):

The Georgia Elks Association (GEA) is using the InitLive application to track the tasks and volunteers needed in Atlanta for the convention. We ask that you download the InitLive app from the Apple Store for your iPhone/iPad or from Google Play for your Android phone. Using InitLive from your phone you can view or change the Roles and Shifts you selected. You can also check-in and check-out out your work Shifts at the convention. You will be able to see who is working with you and communicate with them. You can also create a Bookmark in your browser to return to InitLive.

Thank you for supporting the Georgia Elks Association and the Grand Lodge.


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